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Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Trager massage, also referred to as trigger point therapy has been around for many decades. It's still well-known for its use in treating neck and back pain. It is the name of a massage technique that targets specific regions of the muscles that have Contracted and formed fibrous nodules referred to as trigger points, usually just to the contact. Trigger point therapy loosens tight and constricted regions within the muscle to help relieve discomfort and help in recovering your motion.

Trigger Point Therapy is known to reduce the tension felt by patients suffering from spasms, muscle knots, or tension. The pain can be severe and could be connected with regular movements, such as sewing, or even sports injuries. Trigger point therapy reduces inflammation and helps improve range of motion, sometimes stopping future injuries. The Trigger Point Therapy is used on certain parts of the body that commonly ache or hurt such as abdominal, hips shoulders, knees and neck.

If you are suffering from back tension, trigger point massage will help soothe and relax your body. It's an effective way to alleviate the pain and discomfort in your body without having to resort to taking pain medication and could lead to a serious risk. Trigger point therapy is a technique which targets muscles that are tight in regions of your body that could be contributing to your back pain. If you think that the area of concern could be tense and sore and tight, consider this method to find out the body's reaction when trigger points are stimulated.

Trigger point therapy can be described as a procedure that loosens tight knots, tight muscles and increases the flexibility. Trigger point therapy applies medium-to-firm pressure applied to both sides of knots. It is then followed by controlled pressure to release tension and knots. The trigger point massage technique assists in releasing trapped nerve energy and lets oxygen and blood move freely between knots. Trigger points refer to knots within the muscles where there has been little or no effect in the stretching process, but it has recently become extremely tight and inflamed.

Trigger point and Swedish massage are similar however, Swedish tends to be done with greater control than trigger point massage. Swedish massage uses long gliding strokes for massaging the entire body. Trigger point as well as Swedish massage are both used to release knots from muscles and release tension that keeps them there. Swedish massage also comes with the bonus of reaching the deeper layers of muscles.

Swedish massages and trigger point therapy both increase mobility while relieving tension. Trigger point therapy lets loose the muscular energy that is trapped in tight muscles through breaking down tight knots. Trigger point therapy relieves muscular pain as well as allowing oxygen and blood to circulate through the knots that are in the muscles alleviating pain. Swedish massage helps relieve the pain in the muscles, while it stimulates and boosts the lymphatic system and blood for increased circulation in the location. Both trigger point therapy and Swedish massage can provide ease of pain as well as reduce inflammation.

Chronic pain sufferers as individuals with edema or other problems that are related to weightlifting could benefit of trigger point therapy. Myofascial triggerpoint massage therapy is able to benefit people with tennis elbow and other types of tendinitis. Myofascial trigger points massage therapy can also reduce the inflammation that comes with arthritis by expanding mobility and lessening tension on the muscles. Trigger point therapy is considered to be among the most effective methods of lessening pain in chronic conditions and improving flexibility in the affected joint.

Trigger point and Swedish massage therapy will result in different results for the in

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